3 Trade Ideas To Fuel Victor Wembenyama Tank Race

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Do you play NBA 2K? If so, have you ever created a player? It’s fun. The possibilities are limitless – you can create any type of basketball player you like. At the same time, if realism is your thing, you can cross lines. At some point, you may say, “This feels dumb.” 

Victor Wembenyama would like a word. 

After all, nobody could have imagined a prospect like the 18-year-old French phenom. Wembenyama’s height is a source of controversy. The most common listing is 7’4 but watching him, you wouldn’t be surprised if he’s 8’0.

On the other hand, he moves like he’s 6’10. Wembenyama is impossible to describe without being hyperbolic. If he hits his ceiling, this kid could be a cross between Kevin Durant and Rudy Gobert. Wembenyama could change basketball. 

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As such, look for plenty of teams to race to the bottom in a bid to maximize their odds of landing him. His presence could have an odd, widespread impact on the league, especially when this draft is otherwise deep.

Teams won’t be deterred by the flattened lottery odds because this draft is littered with players they’d be thrilled to land. 

Here are a few deals that we could see transpiring in light of those circumstances.