This Lakers-Suns Trade Sends Chris Paul To Los Angeles

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Sometimes in life, we benefit from the misfortune of others. It may feel wrong, but it’s also reality. The same holds true between NBA teams.

Suppose you want a job. Surely, somebody else wants it too, right? Suppose you get it. Congratulations! How unfortunate for the other person. 

When a star player on a contender gets injured, other contenders benefit. They may not feel good about it, morally speaking, but they’re not going to throw the games, either. 

Similarly, when a contender falls apart, its players often become available for trade. On that note, don’t be shocked if the Phoenix Suns fall apart soon.

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There is so much controversy surrounding this team that it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If they get off to a slow start this season, they could make some unexpected moves. 

Like this one that sends Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, for example.