Cleveland Cavaliers Acquire Aaron Gordon In Major Trade Scenario

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The modern NBA is regularly described as a “positionless” league. To be sure, the way we view positions has radically changed. 

In the past, positions were rigidly defined. Moreover, they were primarily defined by height. If you were 6’10, you were going to play power forward – even if you played like a point guard. By contrast, today’s league has significantly looser rules. 

Now, players are encouraged to play to their strengths, and teams are encouraged to do the same. For a while, small ball was the order of the day. By 2022, that’s changed as well.

Teams like the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers have once again subverted our expectations regarding NBA teams. 

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The Cavaliers bucked the small ball trend especially hard last season. This team routinely ran lineups featuring 3 seven footers, with Lauri Markkanen playing small forward. Now, Markkanen is on the Utah Jazz, and the Cavaliers need a small forward. 

Could they target an unconventional one? Here’s a deal that has them acquiring Aaron Gordon from the Denver Nuggets.