Detroit Pistons Land Myles Turner In Intriguing Trade Scenario

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Sometimes, long-term goals require us to sacrifice short-term gains. For example, suppose you’ve been offered two jobs. One is low paying but offers opportunities for upward mobility. The same happens in the NBA sometimes.

Meanwhile, the other pays better, but it won’t allow you to advance any further. 

Instinctually, the first job sounds better, right? You want to bet on yourself, and your process. If you make the right decisions and work hard, you’ll take advantage of those opportunities to grow.

At the same time – how desperate are you to get paid? 

By all appearances, the Detroit Pistons could use a little cash. After all, they just traded for Bojan Bogdanovic. If the Pistons feel that they’re ready to start acquiring veterans, why stop there? 

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After all, there are plenty of trade targets available – if they’re willing to fork over assets.

Here’s a deal that has them doing so in order to land Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers.