Phoenix Suns Land Eric Gordon In Major Trade Scenario

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Class division is a serious social problem. You didn’t expect this NBA article to lead with such a sophisticated topic, did you? Jokes aside, it is.

Without getting overly political, it seems fair to say that nobody should be starving to death while others have billions of dollars. However you’d personally opt to solve that problem, basic human decency dictates that you treat it as one. 

The NBA is no different. The teams at the top of the league hoard star players, while the league’s bottom feeders are left to watch them every summer. With that said, if society’s class system was as fluid as the NBA’s it may solve a lot of problems (or, cause new ones). 

Just ask the Houston Rockets. It wasn’t so long ago that they were a perennial factor in the league’s championship picture.

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On the other hand, they’ve been the worst team in the league for the last two seasons. Meanwhile, teams like the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers have risen to the top in their absence. 

Here’s a deal that we think benefits all three teams.