Dallas Mavericks Land Seth Curry In Intriguing Trade Scenario

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Let’s hear it for the little people.After all, we live in a celebrity obsessed, star-driven society. The NBA is no different.

We’re not here to preach about the evils of it: that’s beyond our pay grade. We’ll only say this – the lead actor in a Hollywood blockbuster may get all of the attention, but there was a whole crew behind him that made the film happen. 

Most discourse about the league revolves around its stars. Yes, they’re the most important players on their teams, but without quality role players, they’re not likely to have much success. 

So, this article is dedicated to those role players. Their names won’t draw the headlines or generate the most clicks.

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Still, their under-the-radar contributions keep NBA teams afloat on a yearly basis. They deserve more attention, and we’re here to give it to them. 

In fact, here’s a deal that has the Mavericks and Nets swapping two such players.