Toronto Raptors Land Jakob Poeltl In Major Trade Scenario

Jakob Poeltl, Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs, NBA Trade Rumors
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They say there’s no place like home. It’s hard to argue with them on that front, no matter who “they” may be. That holds true for a lot of NBA players too.

Of course, there is value in broadening your horizons, too. Leaving your parent’s house eventually becomes a necessity in terms of personal growth. Moreover, even leaving your hometown, whether permanently or otherwise, is a worthwhile experience. Still, your home will always be your home. 

These days, most players don’t spend their entire careers with the team that drafted them. Some fans will lament this fact, but that’s not what we’re here to do.

Still, sometimes, leaving the team you started your carer with, only to return to them, can benefit an NBA player’s career. 

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After all, familiarity breeds success. Having a certain comfort level with how an organization operates can enable a player to thrive with that organization. As long as there’s no bad blood between a player and a team, a reunion can often benefit both sides. 

On that note, we have a feeling Jakob Poeltl would do well to return to the Toronto Raptors. Here’s a deal that sends him back to his hometown team.