Portland Trail Blazers Land Deandre Ayton In Major Trade Scenario

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Media day. For diehard fans of NBA teams, it’s one of the most exciting days of the year. More than anything, it’s a tangible reminder that soon, NBA basketball will be back. 

On the other hand, players don’t always foster feelings of optimism when given the opportunity. In fact, sometimes, they do the opposite. If a player is dissatisfied with his situation, there is every possibility that on media day, they’ll let the world know. 

Perhaps not directly. A player could risk a fine by saying too much. With that said, if you caught the Phoenix Suns’ media day presser recently, it wasn’t hard to read Deandre Ayton’s body language – he extended with the Suns this summer, but he may not be thrilled about it. 

In a sense, it’s hard to blame Ayton. After all, the Suns hemmed and hawed about offering him a max contract. Eventually, the Indiana Pacers offered him one, and the Suns matched it.

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Still, being wanted because someone else wanted you doesn’t feel the same as being wanted. 

If those sour feelings fester this season, the Suns could look to move Ayton. Here’s a deal that sends him to the Portland Trail Blazers.