Memphis Grizzlies Land Jae Crowder In Major Trade Scenario

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Everybody has needs. At a base level, we all have the same needs. If you don’t get food and water, you won’t survive – and good luck without shelter. NBA teams have needs too.

At the same time, we have needs that are specific to ourselves as well. Some people need alone time, and some people need affection. Either way, everyone has needs. 

Similarly, they all have base needs, too. Every team in the NBA needs a franchise player. Teams that don’t have one are seeking one above all else. 

Otherwise, each team has its own unique needs, too. Some teams need a 3-and-D wing, while others need guard depth.

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Meanwhile, some teams need to replace an injured player, while other teams just need draft capital. 

Here’s a deal that lands Jae Crowder on the Memphis Grizzlies. We think it satisfies the Grizzlies’ needs – and those of the Suns and Jazz in the process.