Atlanta Hawks Acquire Pascal Siakam In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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Planning for the future is always smart. It’s good to take the long view. At the same time, it’s best to avoid doing so at the expense of the present. The same principles apply to NBA teams.

Let’s say you’ve known you wanted to be a doctor since you were a little kid. You could devote all of your energy in grade school to activities that, down the line, will help you accomplish that goal. That’s fine, but if you’re not careful, your youth will pass you by.

You’ll have the adulthood of your dreams, but you’ll have sacrificed your childhood to get it. 

You can build towards the future, and it may pan out. At the same time, you could miss the potential you have to build a contending team in the present in the process. 

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The Atlanta Hawks don’t seem to be at any risk of doing so. In fact, they traded three first-round picks and a swap to the San Antonio Spurs to land Dejounte Murray this summer. By all appearances, the Hawks are all-in on the present. 

If that’s true, they might as well push the rest of their chips in. Here’s a deal that has them doing so in order to land Pascal Siakam from the Atlanta Hawks. 

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