Brooklyn Nets’ Ben Simmons To Shoot More 3s This Season?

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There are a lot of question marks surrounding the Brooklyn Nets as they prepare to begin training camp. The team has NBA championship aspirations, and on paper, they certainly have the roster to achieve those goals. However, no one knows what they will look like once play begins.

One of the things that they have to figure out is what to do with Ben Simmons. Simmons was acquired from the Philadelphia 76ers ahead of the deadline in the James Harden blockbuster but has yet to suit up for the Nets.

Simmons was not mentally ready to get on the court upon that trade and once he cleared that hurdle, he was not ready physically. He ended up having surgery on his back, which kept him sidelined through the remainder of the season but he is now ready to get back on the court.

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Recently, Simmons made an appearance on “The Old Man & the Three”, a podcast that is hosted by his former teammate, J.J. Redick, and Tommy Alter. A lot was discussed during his episode of the show, including some plans for the upcoming season.

One of the things people are always asking about when it comes to Simmons is his shooting. That has been a topic of discussion throughout his career as he has been hesitant to shoot the ball. Redick asked him about it and his answer may surprise some people.

“‘Are you going to shoot some threes for the Nets this year?’ Simmons (deadpan, then laughing): ‘Yeah I need to. I’m going to out there and put some up.’”

The Nets don’t necessarily need Simmons to be launching 3-pointers at a high rate. They have plenty of offensive firepower around him, which is what makes him such a good fit for Brooklyn. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will do the heavy lifting offensively, but Simmons at least attempting jump shots would only help the team.

Spacing is paramount in the NBA and if Simmons can at least show that he is willing to take shots outside of the paint, it will open things up for the team. He may never be an above-average 3-point shooter, but his willingness to shoot to keep defenses honest is important.

LATEST NBA NEWS: Ben Simmons & Brooklyn Nets Updates

Simmons at least recognizes the importance of shooting some three-pointers. Alas, the strengths that Simmons brings to the court as a versatile defender, elite playmaker and excellent rebounder are more than enough to help the Nets win basketball games. 

We have seen the impact that Draymond Green can have without being too much of a threat offensively for the Golden State Warriors and Simmons should be looking to do something similar with the Nets.