Toronto Raptors Acquire Mo Bamba In Intriguing Trade Scenario

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Have you ever needed a change of scenery? You have, right? Life can get dull. Sometimes, you’re just stuck in a rut. With that said, a new job, home, or routine can get you out of that rut. Suddenly, you feel reborn! NBA players are no different.

Sometimes, a player’s career does not go as they’d hoped. It’s possible that it’ll never get back on track – sad as it is to say, some guys just don’t pan out.

On the other hand, it may be that they, like you, just need a change of scenery. 

The Orlando Magic’s Mo Bamba may be an example. So far, he hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. With that said, at 24, he still has the potential to grow. 

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Whether that’s likely to happen in Disney or not is a different question. From all appearances, the Magic seem to prefer fellow big man Wendell Carter Jr.

If that’s so, they might want to move on from Bamba in 2022-23. Here’s a deal that sends him to the Toronto Raptors.