New York Knicks Land Nikola Vucevic In Major Trade Scenario

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Every NBA franchise has its own unique history. With that said, some of those histories are more storied than others. 

For example, take the Chicago Bulls. To call this team a dynasty in the 1990s felt like an understatement. The Bulls won 6 of the 10 championships of the decade. Perhaps more impressively, of the four seasons in which the Bulls didn’t walk away with the title, Michael Jordan missed three altogether. 

With that said, the New York Knicks gave them a run for their money during much of the era. Moreover, when Jordan finally hung up his sneakers in 1999, the Knicks advanced to the Finals. The 90s may have been the Bulls’ era, but they were good days for the Knicks as well. 

Flash forward to 2022. Neither of these teams is likely to make the NBA Finals – and they haven’t been in a while.

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The Bulls have put together some interesting seasons since the decade, but they’ve largely fallen short of serious contention. On the other hand, it’s been one disaster after another for the Knicks since that Finals appearance. 

Does this deal get either team closer to the ultimate prize?