Milwaukee Bucks Land Malik Beasley In Major Trade Scenario

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It always feels wrong to celebrate failure. At the same time, in a rat race, one rat’s failure is another’s success. The NBA is no different.

That’s the nature of competition. Suppose you work in an office. Perhaps your direct superior made a massive mistake. His or her job is in jeopardy.

You’ll feel guilty about celebrating, but at the same time, be honest with yourself: You want that job. 

When a team decides that they need to rebuild, it’s because they’ve failed to produce a serious contender. That’s unfortunate – for them. For the league’s other contenders, it means one less rat in the race. 

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Moreover, it means quality trade targets could be available. Take the Utah Jazz. They decided to tear their team down this summer. As a result, they’ve got a roster full of players who could be available for the right price.

Here’s a deal that has them sending Malik Beasley to the Utah Jazz.