Cleveland Cavaliers Land Jae Crowder In Intriguing Trade Scenario

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Sometimes, the best action is inaction. Put differently: if it isn’t broken, why even attempt to fix it? The same applies in the NBA.

Of course, everything doesn’t align with a broken/fixed dichotomy. Some things are good but could stand to be improved. Still, there’s risk involved – sometimes, in the process of trying to improve something, you make it worse. If it was already good in the first place, you’ll regret that decision. 

The Phoenix Suns are good. In fact, this team has maintained the same core that made the NBA Finals in 2020-21. They didn’t get a far in last year’s playoffs, but they still finished the regular season with a league-best 64 games.

At the same time, if they’re hoping to win an NBA title next year, there is room for improvement. 

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By contrast, the Cleveland Cavaliers made sweeping changes this summer. By acquiring Donovan Mitchell, they officially joined the ranks of the NBA’s championship hopefuls. Arguably, no team took a greater step forward this off-season. 

Yet, there’s room for improvement in Cleveland too. Here’s a deal that could see both sides getting better ahead of 2022-23.