Chicago Bulls Land Deandre Ayton In Major Trade Scenario

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The story of the modern big man has been an interesting one in the NBA. 

For a long time, their job description was fairly consistent. An overwhelming majority of big men were expected to stay in the paint – on both ends of the floor. If you could score in the post, and defend the rim, you had a job as an NBA center. 

With the three-point revolution, that job description changed. Now, many of the league’s big men can space the floor. If you can’t, you’d better have some other significant skills to bring to the table. 

On the other hand, simply spacing the floor isn’t enough either. A big man who does so, but is a liability on defense, can often pose problems for his team.

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In fact, that’s exactly why some observers wouldn’t be shocked if the Chicago Bulls sought a replacement for Nikola Vucevic this summer. 

If they did, Deandre Ayton may not be the first player they’d expect the Bulls to target. Nonetheless, it would surely be interesting if they did. Here’s a deal that sends Ayton to the Chicago Bulls.