Pacers GM Speaks on Latest Myles Turner Trade Rumors

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The Indiana Pacers have been involved in several NBA trade rumors this offseason as they looked to move forward with their rebuild. After making multiple trades ahead of the deadline in February, they made another one this offseason, sending Malcolm Brogdon to the Boston Celtics.

That left Buddy Hield and Myles Turner as the last two veterans that Indiana could have some interest in making a trade centered around. Out of the two, it seemed as if Turner was the likeliest to be on the move.

The Texas product has been involved in trade rumors for years as the Pacers contemplated breaking up their jumbo frontcourt duo of him and Domantas Sabonis. Sabonis was traded to the Sacramento Kings, but rumors didn’t stop involving Turner.

The franchise seemed to waffle back and forth about whether or not they wanted to trade Turner. This offseason alone it has been reported that they wanted to keep him, then he was made available and negotiations continued.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Myles Turner & Indiana Pacers Updates

Now, with just a few days until training camp gets underway, we have yet another update. This one comes from general manager Chad Buchanan while making an appearance on 1075 The Fan Morning Show, Kevin and Query.

According to Buchanan, Turner is not going anywhere right now. Turner will be with the team on opening night, likely as the starting center.

That should put trade talks to rest for now as the team prepares for training camp. But, since Turner is on an expiring contract, those trade rumors could pop up once again in a few months. If the team doesn’t believe that an extension can be worked out or get the impression that Turner will depart in free agency, they will look to get whatever value they can for him ahead of the trade deadline.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Myles Turner & Indiana Pacers Updates

Given his skill set as a stretch-five and elite rim protector, Turner should have plenty of value on the trade market. There are a number of teams, contenders and teams looking to make a push for the postseason alike, that would benefit from adding a player of his caliber to their lineup.

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