New York Knicks Land Ben Simmons In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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In any workplace, the ability to get along with others is important. If you don’t possess it, you’ll have to be especially talented to thrive. NBA franchises are no exception.

With that said, some people are just that talented. If you’re elite in your field, someone will overlook a lack of people skills and hire you. Simply put, elite skills are indispensable to any organization. 

On the other hand, players who struggle to fit in with others, no matter how elite their other skills, do see their value decrease. For example, just look at Ben Simmons. 

Simmons may be the best defensive player in the NBA – he’s certainly on a short list. Furthermore, he’s one of a handful of the league’s best passers as well.

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Yet, if the Brooklyn Nets tried to trade him today, in all likelihood, they wouldn’t be satisfied with their return. 

Here’s a deal that has them moving him anyway by sending him to the New York Knicks.