San Antonio Spurs Land Markelle Fultz In Major Trade Scenario

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Expectations are a funny thing, and the NBA is a prime example. Often, they drive our perception of reality, even though the two are essentially unrelated. 

After all, what we thought would happen has no bearing on what happens. Sometimes, we’re mistaken, and the best thing we can do is admit that and change our perception. 

For example, look at number one draft picks throughout NBA history. Yes, plenty of them go on to be franchise-altering superstars, but not all of them do. Sometimes, they fall short of expectations. 

For that matter, sometimes, they fall well short. Other times, they just don’t quite live up to the billing. Such is the case with Markelle Fultz. He’s a talented, dynamic, playmaking guard.

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Still, due to injuries or otherwise, he hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations that are typically associated with being selected first overall. 

Could he come closer to doing so if the Orlando Magic found him a new home this summer?