3 Free Agency Landing Spots For Montrezl Harrell

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Free agency is a fickle time for the NBA. There always seems to be a handful of players who either land a surprisingly handsome payday, sign a seemingly low-ball offer, or don’t get a new deal at all. All of these wacky outcomes can happen to a variety of reason.

Maybe a player hits a hot streak during an extended playoff run, prompting a team to take a big risk in signing him to a massive deal in the hopes that his ascension can continue. Perhaps a player came down with an injury that tanked his value right before entering contract negotiations. Some players may just be aged out of the league entirely.

One player who doesn’t fit any of those aforementioned categories but remains unsigned this offseason is Montrezl Harrell. Harrel is an interesting case, as he had a successful campaign last season but may go unsigned due to off-court issues.

The Louisville product was recently arrested and charged with felony drug trafficking after being found with less than five pounds of marijuana on him after a traffic stop in Kentucky.

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Of course, Harrell could have potentially seen jail time for his infraction which made his free agency status tricky. The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor possession charge — clearing the pathway for a team to sign him.

Here are three teams that would greatly benefit from taking a chance on Harrell: