LA Clippers Land Anthony Davis In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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We like to pretend that the Battle Of La is an epic clash in the NBA. In reality, it’s rarely been much of a battle at all. 

After all, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the two most dominant franchises in the history of the league. For decades, they’ve largely been fixtures in the NBA’s title picture. 

By contrast, the Clippers are seldom there. In fact, throughout the 90s and much of the 00s, they were one of the league’s laughingstocks. Only death and taxes were more certain than a bottom-5 finish from the Clippers. 

On the other hand, these are not your Dad’s Clippers (we’re trying to think of a shaving related joke here, but ultimately opting to leave it aside). Realistically, the Clippers, as currently constructed, may have a better chance at walking away with the 2022-23 NBA title than their LA counterparts.

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Of course, if the Lakers make the right moves, they could get right back in the picture. Any team rostering LeBron James always has that opportunity. 

Here’s a deal that could improve both teams’ chances this summer.