Atlanta Hawks Land Jaylen Brown In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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Trade rumors are ubiquitous part of the NBA content cycle. You don’t have to tell us that here at NBA Analysis. 

Some fans don’t like it. They’ll protest that the constant stream of rumors, however, based in fact they may be, can actually influence NBA business.

More than anything, they may not like seeing their favorite players in those rumors. 

They may also have a point. In some cases, trade rumors can alienate a player from his team. For example, Jaylen Brown didn’t seem pleased to be involved in rumors involving his Boston Celtics acquiring Kevin Durant this summer. 

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With that said, Brown would find little sympathy from John Collins. At times, it feels like his name has been in the rumor mill for as long as he’s been an Atlanta Hawks. If he’s not feeling alienated from that organization, he’s got nerves of steel. 

In the event that both situations have grown untenable, here’s a deal that has the two players changing sides.