3 New Julius Randle Trades The Knicks Must Consider

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In many ways, the NBA isn’t so different from life itself. Knowing when a relationship has run its course, and ending it, is a critically important skill.

It’s not an easy one to acquire. In either case, you run the risk of ending the relationship prematurely. Cutting ties when it still could have been fruitful is a mistake nobody wants to make.

With that context in mind, the Knicks don’t have to trade Julius Randle this summer.

One bad season doesn’t prove toxicity. In this case, either side could be left with the sense that, with some effort, this could have worked.

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On the other hand, red flags are present. In 2021-22, Randle frequently appeared frustrated with coaching staff and teammates alike. If the Knicks are eager to move on, that would be understandable.

Here are three deals that allow them to do so.