NBA Executive Speaks On Jaylen Brown As Miami Heat Trade Target

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Whenever an All-Star player hits the NBA trade market, the Miami Heat are a team to keep an eye on. Pat Riley has shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to land a superstar as long as he feels that player will help them get closer to winning a championship.

This offseason, they have been mentioned as a potential landing spot for both superstars still on the trade block; Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz and Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets. Miami is high on both players’ lists of preferred landing spots.

But, it is tough to imagine that the Heat have the assets to make as strong of an offer as some of the other teams in the running. Unless they are willing to part ways with Bam Adebayo or Jimmy Butler, the other players on the roster are hit or miss when it comes to value around the league.

That is why one NBA executive believes Riley and the front office should shift their trade focus onto another player. In talking to NBA Analysis Network, that executive believes Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics is an ideal trade target for the Heat.

“Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell are going to be expensive trade targets. Just from how it looks, it seems unlikely the Heat will have enough to get a deal done for either. … If the Heat could get involved in a KD trade, they should make a run at Jaylen Brown. He fits their defensive identity and is a more complete offensive threat than Tyler Herro.”

Much like in the other negotiations, a lot of it will come down to how the other team feels about Herro. Reactions are certainly mixed on the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, as some people believe that is his ceiling while others think he can take things to another level and become an All-Star caliber starter.

If Boston feels that way, Herro could be enough to be the centerpiece of a deal. If not, Miami will have to get creative as he and Duncan Robinson have been the player combination they are using in a lot of trade packages thus far this offseason.

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