Mavericks Land Intriguing Scorer In Trade Scenario

Jordan Clarkson, Utah Jazz
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Some NBA organizations just seem to find a way to win. Year in and year out, they manage to put a quality product on the floor.

Granted, luck is always a factor as well. Landing a high lottery pick helps. With that said, you still need to make the right choice.

The Dallas Mavericks sure did that in the 2018 draft, taking Luka Doncic with the third overall pick. Of course, the Utah Jazz arguably did even better by selecting Donovan Mitchell with the 13th pick in 2017.

It’s no coincidence that both of these teams have been associated with winning for some time.

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Unfortunately, the Utah Jazz may be breaking that habit soon. They recently traded Rudy Gobert for a draft-focused package, and many expect Mitchell to follow.

If the Jazz do trade Mitchell, we should expect them to ship off more veterans shortly after. Here’s a deal that has them sending Jordan Clarkson to the Mavs.