3 Russell Westbrook Trades To Salvage LeBron James’ Lakers

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Blame is a funny thing. Sometimes, the person who deserves the bulk of it ends up shouldering all of it. The NBA is no different.

Chalk it up to human nature. Whether they know it or not, everyone needs a scapegoat. That’s a role that Russell Westbrook didn’t know he was going to receive upon getting traded to the Los Angeles Lakers last summer.

Unfortunately, the Lakers had a disaster of a season. They didn’t just miss the playoffs: they missed the play-in tournament altogether. Many are putting their shortcomings on Westbrook’s broad shoulders.

To be sure, there were other issues. Anthony Davis was frequently injured, and his effectiveness appeared limited when he was on the floor.

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Still, Westbrook’s poor fit alongside LeBron James was probably their biggest issue.

Here are three deals that have the Lakers alleviating it this summer.