Hornets Land Kevin Durant In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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Quick – close your eyes. Picture Kevin Durant in an NBA uniform. No, not that one. OK – picture Kevin Durant in an NBA uniform he’s never worn before.

Odds are, you imagined him in a Phoenix Suns, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, or Toronto Raptors uniform, right?

No, we’re not clairvoyant. Those just happen to be teams that Durant is constantly linked to. With that said, he hasn’t been moved to any of them yet.

By now, we’re reaching a point in the summer where it’s fair to question whether he ever will be.

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Perhaps the Nets should start thinking outside the box. After all, there must be several teams who would covet Durant who haven’t emerged yet. This is, after all, one of the best players in NBA history.

Could the Charlotte Hornets put in an unexpected bid for him?