This Nets-Spurs Trade Sends Jakob Poeltl To Brooklyn

San Antonio Spurs
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Why The San Antonio Spurs Do The Deal

To state the obvious: the San Antonio Spurs are not trading for Seth Curry here. They’re trading for Day’Ron Sharpe and a pick swap.

With that said, landing Curry isn’t the worst outcome. He’s one of the league’s best floor-spacers on an extremely affordable contract.

In all likelihood, the Spurs would let him play, and then move him to a contender in need of spacing at some point ahead of the 2022-23 trade deadline. If this deal is a stepping stone to another deal, it could end up looking even better in hindsight.

With that said, it looks pretty solid as it stands. Day’Ron Sharpe didn’t see significant playing time as a rookie on a contending Nets team last season, but he looked solid when he did. He’s got good passing chops for a big man and could be a strong interior defender as he develops.

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Meanwhile, a 2028 swap should be appealing to the Spurs in their circumstances as well. With that said, given their strange situation, can the Nets justify parting with one?