3 Trades The New York Knicks Should Still Try To Make

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The New York Knicks are certainly a team with eyes on them this NBA offseason. At the same time, that feels like a sentence we could be typing every year.

The Knicks, somehow, are always expected to make a move. Yet, they seldom do – or at least, they never seem to make the ones their fans are hoping to see.

This summer may be no exception. If the Knicks enter the 2022-23 season without having added a big-name star, nobody should be entirely shocked.

With that said, they’ve surely got the ammunition to do so if they wanted to.

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The Knicks are plush with first-round picks, interesting young players and moveable contracts. If they don’t make a move this summer, it’ll be because they didn’t see one they liked – not because they couldn’t afford to.

With that said, we definitely see some moves that we’d like for them. Here are three of them.