This Heat-Knicks Trade Sends Cam Reddish To Miami

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Potential is a funny thing. It’s tantalizing. The opportunity to see it come to fruition is tantalizing. With that said, you can miss other opportunities waiting for that to happen. That’s especially relevant in the NBA.

Some young players don’t impact winning, but it’s clear that they have the potential too. Unfortunately, some never do.

As of this moment, Cam Reddish is all potential. In theory, he’s a 3-and-D wing with secondary shot creation chops. In practice, he struggles to either space the floor or contribute on the defensive end.

At 22, he’s still got ample time to improve. With that said, the clock is ticking.

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If Reddish doesn’t make strides in 2022-23, even his most stalwart defenders are likely to lose faith.

Here’s a deal that sees the Miami Heat taking a chance on him.