This Lakers-Spurs Trade Brings Key Veterans To Los Angeles

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Sometimes, change is optional. Perhaps a situation could stand to improve, but it doesn’t necessarily need to. Other times, it’s imperative. A situation can grow so untenable that it needs to be fixed immediately – at any cost. The NBA is no exception.

The Los Angeles Lakers have reached that point. A 33-win season in 2021-22 was unacceptable by any outcome.

If they enter 2022-23 with the same core group, it will be nothing short of an organizational failure.

Many of their shortcomings had to do with Russell Westbrook’s fit alongside LeBron James.

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Plenty of observers expected them to face issues, but few thought they’d face so many that they wouldn’t even qualify for the play-in tournament.

Here’s a trade with the San Antonio Spurs that ought to get them at least that far in 2022-23.