This Bold Trade Forms Donovan Mitchell, Cade Cunningham Duo

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Time is a funny thing, and that’s undoubtedly the case in the NBA. You can commit so much energy to prepare for the future, but before you know it, it becomes the present.

The most you can do is hope you made the right decisions when the moment turns into the past.

NBA general managers need to be acutely aware of time. Part of their responsibility is taking stock of where their team currently stands and acting accordingly.

Rebuilding teams need future-focused assets while contending teams need win-now pieces.

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At the same time, every rebuilding team eventually needs to make the transition into contention. Usually, it doesn’t happen overnight – the team is likely to endure a transition period where they’re competitive but not serious players for the NBA championship.

If the Detroit Pistons are ready to make that transition, here’s a trade that has them landing Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz.