3 New NBA Blockbuster Trade Ideas We’d Like To See

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As the NBA’s offseason wears on, it’s beginning to feel like a grind. After a flurry of activity to start the summer off, we are officially in the dog days.

Much of the decreased activity is owed to Kevin Durant’s trade request. It appears that the star is commanding a price that the market can’t meet. Several teams will opt for inaction until that situation resolves.

We may be waiting a while. Furthermore, the New York Knicks look predestined to trade for Donovan Mitchell, but at the moment, it seems as if they’re negotiating draft capital with the Utah Jazz. Who knows when the two sides will come to an agreement?

In the meantime, there must be other deals out there to get done.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: New Updates On Blockbuster Trade Talks

Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell may be dominating the rumor mill, but sometimes, blockbuster trades come out of left field.

Here are three blockbusters we’d like to see happen this summer.