This Nets-Nuggets Trade Pairs Nikola Jokic, Kevin Durant

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In recent years, the NBA has become a wildly unpredictable place. You may think you know what to expect, but chances are, you’re wrong.

After all, we’re in the age of star player empowerment. Possible outcomes used to be limited to the whims of owners and general managers. Today, the league’s best players have an increasingly large say in their own fate.

If you don’t like it, take your grievances elsewhere. We’re not here to comment on the morality of the league’s new power structure. We’re simply laying out the facts in order to contextualize the following conclusion:

A Kevin Durant-to-Denver deal may not be as unrealistic as you think.

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Granted, it’s not on the top of anyone’s list of predictions. Still, if Durant came to see the appeal in teaming up with the league’s reigning MVP, he could hardly be blamed.

Here’s a deal that allows that unholy union to be formed.