This Lakers-Raptors Trade Lands Anthony Davis In Toronto

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The Toronto Raptors have been the subject of a lot of NBA trade rumors lately.

First, speculation about OG Anunoby’s unhappiness on the league’s only Canadian team began to surface. He wasn’t tired of the cold weather. Rumors suggested that Anunoby felt deserving of a larger slice of this team’s offensive pie.

Those rumors have died down, but that’s partly due to Kevin Durant’s recent trade request. That news has been dominating the cycle lately. That’s what happens when one of the best players in the world wants to be on a different team.

Still, Durant’s request hasn’t absolved the Raptors from trade rumors. In fact, they’re alleged to be one of his main suitors.

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With that said, what if the Raptors were part of an entirely different blockbuster this summer?

One that, for example, had them landing Anthony Davis? Here’s a proposal that finds them doing exactly that.