3 Creative Donovan Mitchell Trades Involving Dark-Horse Suitors

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The New York Knicks feel so likely to acquire NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell that they might as well start reserving space for his Times Square billboard.

As it stands, they are the overwhelming favorites to land the star guard this summer. After all, they have a surplus of draft capital and intriguing young players to match. If the Knicks want Mitchell badly enough, they’ll get him.

He’s also a hometown kid who’s said to covet a bigger market. All told, it just feels like a match made in heaven. With that said, nothing is stopping another team from raining on New York’s parade.

After all, Mitchell is one of the best scorers in the NBA. Plenty of teams should be interested in acquiring him.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND RUMORS: 2 Dark-Horse Trade Destinations For Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell

The Knicks may be frontrunners for him, but the race to acquire him isn’t over until the trade is announced.

Here are three trades that land him in destinations outside of the Big Apple.