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For weeks the Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to find a trade partner willing to take on former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook. That is no small task as Westbrook’s production began to wane last season and he is owed a considerable amount of money for the 2022-23 season, as he opted into his deal worth $47.1 million.

That is a lot of money to pay anyone, let alone someone who is garnering a reputation of being difficult to work with and showing no real initiative to change his style of play on the court. There are some people that believe Westbrook could be out of the NBA should the Lakers trade him, as his value is that low around the league.

Pretty much any landing spot that has been mentioned in a potential trade for Westbrook will ultimately lead to him being bought out. Teams view Westbrook merely as a contract, not as someone they will use in their rotation in games.

While the market has been relatively cold for Westbrook, there have been a few teams engaging the Lakers in trade negotiations. The Athletic shared an update on that recently, with three teams being mentioned.

“Utah, New York and Indiana are among the teams who have discussed deals with the Lakers involving Russell Westbrook and draft capital, sources said. There appears no deal imminent in those conversations — as the overall trade market plays out over the next two months of the offseason.”

The Utah Jazz are looking to rebuild and want as much draft capital as possible. They have several veteran players they are looking to flip for long-term assets and would make sense as a Westbrook landing spot. As long as picks are attached, they would be on board.

The New York Knicks were linked to Westbrook last week, but contingent on landing Donovan Mitchell from the Jazz. Should they land Mitchell, they could engage in trade talks with the Lakers for Westbrook and picks, looking to recoup some of what it will cost to land the three-time All-Star from Utah.

The Indiana Pacers have been the most frequently mentioned trade partner for the Lakers. Proposals have actually been exchanged between the teams, but the Indiana Pacers have declined them. They are holding out for the Lakers to include a second first-round pick in 2029 in addition to the 2027 one that they offered.

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