1 Trade Package With Each Linked Russell Westbrook Suitor

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Every NBA player’s career follows its own trajectory.

There are, of course, trends. Generally, a player enters the league with skills to develop. They’ll enter their prime as that skill development is maximized while they’re still retaining peak athleticism.

By age 30 or, that athleticism will decline until they gradually transition into a role player.

On the other hand, some players fall off harder and faster. Unfortunately, Russell Westbrook has been one of those players.

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A few short years ago, he was racking up triple-doubles on a near-nightly basis. Westbrook is a former MVP and a future Hall-of-Famer. With that said, by 2022, the Lakers will likely have to attach draft capital to his contract in order to move him.

Here are three trades that have them doing exactly that.