1 Trade Package For Each Main Linked Kevin Durant Trade Suitor

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For NBA writers around the world, the phrase “Kevin Durant trade request” has been entirely committed to muscle memory. The fingers type it almost involuntarily.

After all, it’s the hottest topic in the NBA. How could it not be? It is exceedingly rare for a player of Durant’s caliber to be available in trade. Realistically, it doesn’t happen unless a trade request is issued.

It has been. With that said, finding a viable Durant trade isn’t as easy as one might think. Sure, any team should want him – but do they want him badly enough to pay the associated cost?

After all, Durant won’t come cheap. This is a player who conservatively ranks among the 20 best to ever play the game.

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Even at 33, he remains one of the very best players in the NBA. His trade value is astronomical.

Here’s a package each of the teams most linked to Durant could offer.