Could Curry Brothers Decide To Join Forces One Day?

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There have been several brothers who have shared the court as teammates in the NBA. Most recently, the Morris Twins and Lopez Twins have teamed up and they seemed to really enjoy being with the same team. However, the same cannot be said for Seth Curry and Stephen Curry.

They aren’t twins, but the younger Seth recently spoke to Monte Poole in a recent episode of “Dubs Talk” and revealed that he actually prefers playing against his older brother than with him. The Curry brothers spent a little while as teammates in 2013 when Seth was signed as an undrafted free agent, playing in six games with the Warriors during the preseason

“I’ve thought about it as people bring it up, but to me personally, I enjoy kind of being away from him, trying to create my own path and do my own thing,” Curry said.

He has certainly been able to do that, carving out a role as an excellent 3-point shooter and rotation player in his own right. After those six games with Golden State in 2013, Curry bounced around the G League, making sporadic appearances in the NBA before breaking into the Sacramento Kings’ rotation during the 2015-16 season.

Since then, he has been a staple of the rotation for every team that he has played for. He is a deadly shooter, knocking down 43.9 percent of his 3-point attempts in his career, but offers much more than just spot-up shooting.

Imagine the difficulties a defense would have attempting to slow them both down behind the perimeter? While it is something that Seth isn’t opposed to happening, it just isn’t his preference to play on the same team as Stephen Curry.

“You never know what the future holds,” Seth told Poole. “I wouldn’t be against it, but it’s definitely not my preferred choice to be on the same team as him definitely right now. I also like competing against him and trying to beat the best.”

If Seth’s current team, the Brooklyn Nets, can figure things out with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, they have the makings of a roster that can compete for an NBA Championship. Stephen’s Warriors are going to remain contenders as well, which would set up a highly anticipated matchup between the brothers on the grandest stage the NBA has to offer.

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