This Lakers-Rockets Trade Sends Eric Gordon To Los Angeles

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In the modern NBA era, players don’t stick with teams as long as they used to. Some people hate it, but that does nothing to change the reality of the situation.

Chalk it up to a number of factors. Some will say that teams have come to view players as more expendable. Others will argue that the player empowerment era is to blame. However you slice it, players are more likely to change teams than ever.

With that context, it’s nice when a player and an organization are loyal to each other. Without moralizing about the evils of player movement, we’ll say that it’s refreshing. With that in mind, we like that Eric Gordon is a Houston Rocket.

The team should still be looking to trade him this summer.

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After all, the Rockets are in the early stages of a rebuilding process. Gordon’s veteran mentorship is valuable, but young players and/or first-round picks are still a higher priority for this group.

Here’s a trade that has them sending Gordon to the Los Angeles Lakers.