This Jazz-Pelicans Trade Sends Donovan Mitchell To NOLA

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There has been a sense of weirdness surrounding NBA superstar Zion Williamson’s tenure in New Orleans. 

Leading up to the draft, it somehow felt like he was predetermined to be heading to the New York Knicks. It’s hard to explain, but it just felt like it had to happen. 

It did not. When the Pelicans were announced as holding the number one pick, there was speculation that Willamson was disappointed. If you put stock in reading facial expressions, you reached the same conclusion. 

With that said, we’re not here to play armchair psychologist. Williamson became, and still is, a Pelican. By now, he might be happy with that outcome. 

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After all, he just inked a max rookie extension with the club. Furthermore, the Pelicans have amassed a deeply talented team.

Could acquiring Donovan Mitchell put them over the top?