This Jazz-Raptors Trade Sends Bojan Bogdanovic To Toronto

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In the NBA, an extensive set of rules govern transactions. This is not 2K, where you can simply turn them off and add Luka Doncic to your favorite team for a second-round pick.

Those rules exist with good reason. They limit the extent to which teams can get fleeced. They also protect players. Generally speaking, they are necessary to keep the league in order.

That doesn’t mean they can’t get annoying.

Sometimes, there are transactions that logically ought to occur, but can’t. In those situations, it’s likely that the rule that’s keeping the move from happening was designed for a similar, but ultimately different situation.

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Either way, restrictions eventually lift. As long as the salaries match, the deal can get done eventually.

Here’s a Jazz/Raptors swap to keep an eye on leading up to this year’s deadline.