This Wild Suns-Nets Trade Swaps Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving

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Sometimes, we forget that NBA players are human beings. Partly, that’s because they appear larger than life.

They are not. NBA players are, in fact, living, breathing people. They’re imperfect, and they deserve empathy as much as anybody else.

With that said, just as is the case with people who aren’t in the NBA, some players are more problematic than others.

Chris Paul isn’t the most popular player in the NBA, but to his credit, he’s a consummate professional. This man legitimately stopped eating meat to extend his NBA career. Nobody can question his commitment to his craft.

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On the other hand, nobody can stop questioning Kyrie Irving’s. Chaos seems to follow him wherever he goes. With that said, nobody can question his talent.

Could these two vastly different men be exchanged for each other this summer?