Kevin Durant Trade Market Remains Complex For Brooklyn Nets

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The NBA has hit the lull of its calendar as many people are heading on vacation following the conclusion of the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. The Portland Trail Blazers won the championship, defeating the New York Knicks.

That was the last time we will see players in organized team activities until training camp begins in September. News cycles will be slow as well with a majority of free agency action already being done. A lot of the focus will be on the Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant.

Durant surprised a lot of people when he requested a trade from the team ahead of the NBA free agency moratorium. It sent teams around the NBA scrambling, as over half of the league has reached out to the Nets about making a deal.

However, the offers that they have received thus far are not to their liking. The Nets are looking for a historic package of blue-chip All-Stars and draft compensation.

While Durant is going on 34 years old, he remains one of the best players in the NBA. His contract is also guaranteed for the next four seasons, which is valuable considering all of the options and opt-outs normally included in deals.

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As a result, the Nets have nothing but time on their hands. They will wait out the teams making offers as they have no issue bringing Durant back for the 2022-23 season. However, they are still trying to appease his trade demand.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski during Monday’s episode of Get Up on ESPN, he reported that the Nets are still trying to find a deal for Durant.

The process is a complicated one because it will be virtually impossible for any team to meet Brooklyn’s asking price on their own. Multiple teams could have to get involved for the Nets to land a package of their liking.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Brooklyn Nets Should Just Run It Back With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

The Phoenix Suns, who were on Durant’s list of preferred landing spots, are considered the favorites to land him. The Miami Heat, the other team on his list, are reportedly the most determined. The Toronto Raptors believe they have a strong chance at landing him as well.

All of the teams are essentially playing a game of chicken, waiting for the other to blink and up their offer. Right now it is a waiting game and things could drag out for weeks. That is certainly okay with the Nets, who are going to accept the best deal possible and have zero motivation to change their stance.

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