Brooklyn Nets Should Just Run It Back With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

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The Brooklyn Nets have been the center of NBA gossip for over three years now. Not satisfied with their already staggeringly thick section in recent league history, the Nets have had themselves another juicy offseason worthy of being covered by People magazine or maybe even their miniseries on Netflix.

Not to be outdone by James Harden forcing his way off of the team, Kyrie Irving kicked off the summer by drawing the spotlight back onto himself. It began with a contract dispute. Rather than accept his $36 million option for next season, Irving considered declining the final year of his deal and making himself eligible to sign a long-term extension.

It was rumored that the Nets were willing to offer Irving his maximum allowable amount of money but were wary of committing to the mercurial point guard for an extended period.

As a result, Irving threatened to leave the team in free agency, asked for a possible sign-and-trade deal to the Los Angeles Lakers in a reunion with LeBron James, and hinted that he may even opt out of the final year of his deal and sign a mid-level exception with LA worth around $6 million, but ultimately picked up the final year of his deal, unsurprisingly choosing the $36 million in the end.

Perhaps fed up with Irving’s antics, including his ongoing battle against the COVID-19 vaccinations, Kevin Durant asked to be traded immediately after Kyrie officially cemented the final year of his deal with the Nets. That trade request expectedly made shockwaves within league circles. Free agency signings were even halted as teams assessed Brooklyn’s situation and pondered if they had the means to acquire KD and vault themselves to the front of the title conversation.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving Wants To Play For Brooklyn Nets Regardless Of Kevin Durant?

Since that news officially broke, rumors and trade talks have died down significantly. Durant did reportedly hand in a list of his preferred destinations, but with four years left on his deal, the Nets hold all of the leverage in this situation and have no reason to trade the all-time great scorer for anything less than a king’s ransom — even if it means having to wait off a year or two before pulling the trigger.

The only team that’s made any kind of supposed headway in these discussions is the Phoenix Suns, but even they may be out of the sweepstakes, as it was recently reported that their close to sign-and-trade with the Indiana Pacers that would see big men Myles Turner and Deandre Ayton exchange teams. If Ayton is dealt away, Phoenix won’t have the means to swing a Durant trade anymore.

With his eligible suitors quickly depleting, the Nets may be better off just running it back one more time with Durant and Irving in tow. After all, they do have a two-way beast in Ben Simmons waiting in the wings, someone who’s yet to appear in a single game for Brooklyn and might just very well be the missing piece to unlock the KD-Kyrie tandem’s ceiling.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: Kyrie Irving Wants To Play For Brooklyn Nets Regardless Of Kevin Durant?

Winning has always been the greatest mediator in NBA history. If Durant, Irving, and Simmons can win the title — or even get reasonably close — it might be enough to repair their relationships with the Nets’ brain trust.

With nothing but time on their side, the Brooklyn Nets should consider running it back at least once more with both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving under contract for next season.

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