This Bucks-Nets Trade Sends Kyrie Irving To Milwaukee

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Brooklyn Nets Receive: C Brook Lopez, G Grayson Allen, G/F Pat Connaughton, G George Hill, 2029 First-Round Pick
Milwaukee Bucks Receive: G Kyrie Irving

Luckily, the author of this article has been to Brooklyn of a couple of times. After all, they’re not going to let him in after this piece is published.

Understandably so, for that matter. This is not the return Nets fans will hope to receive for Irving. At the same time, it’s roughly what they should expect?

Which team is surrendering a better package for him? The Bucks wouldn’t entertain the notion of moving Jrue Holiday for him.

He’s one of the best defenders in the NBA, he’s a great offensive player, and moreover, you know he’ll play basketball if he’s physically able.

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In other words: Nets fans, don’t blame NBA Analysis. Blame COVID-19 if you have to, or if you have the stomach for it, blame Kyrie Irving.

He is a player who any team is taking on a tremendous risk to acquire. Is it worth it for the Bucks?