‘No Movement’: Nets Favor Keeping Kevin Durant Amid Trade Request

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The NBA world has been engulfed by trade rumors centered around two All-Stars; Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. The difference between the two is that Durant requested a trade from the Nets at the onset of free agency.

That request set the basketball world ablaze as teams scrambled to see what kind of packages they could put together. While the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat were the only teams reportedly on Durant’s list of preferred landing spots, at least half of the league reached out to the Nets.

The Toronto Raptors were another team to keep an eye on as they were confident they would have a competitive package even without Scottie Barnes Jr. being included.

Despite the level of interest shown, things have been going at a snail’s pace. Brooklyn isn’t receiving the level of offers they were hoping to, which is understandable.

“As for Kevin Durant, here’s what there is: nothing,” said Brian Windhorst of the state of Durant trade talks. “There is no movement here. The executives are leaving Summer League. The executives are going on vacation.

“At this point, the Nets’ preferred situation is for Kevin Durant to stay with them. There is no trade that they’ve got that they like.”

LATEST NBA NEWS AND RUMORS: Kevin Durant In Contact With Brooklyn Nets Amid Trade Rumors

Teams know that Durant wants to go to the Suns, so they aren’t aiming to meet the Nets’ asking price. Instead, they are attempting to beat the package from Phoenix, which reportedly hasn’t included Mikal Bridges or all of their draft picks.

Brooklyn also set an unattainable price if their proposal to the Minnesota Timberwolves was reported accurately. They asked for Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards and picks in exchange for Durant.

There is also the fact that no one really knows what Durant wants. Teams cannot communicate with him and even if they had tried, he likely wouldn’t have answered. Players around the league have reportedly reached out to him and he has gone dark. But, he and his representation have been in touch with the Nets.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND RUMORS: Kevin Durant In Contact With Brooklyn Nets Amid Trade Rumors

A huge question and what the league is in some ways waiting for is what does Durant feel? He’s the one who asked for the trade. Have his feelings changed with some of the avenues for trades dimming?”

Despite the trade demand by Durant and the rumors swirling about what will happen with Kyrie Irving, the Nets are still in a great position to contend should both of them return to the team for at least one more season. If everyone can get on the same page, the Nets could make some noise if the roster remains healthy.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND RUMORS: Kevin Durant In Contact With Brooklyn Nets Amid Trade Rumors

However, it is anyone’s guess how the relationships are between everyone. Are they too far gone to be repaired at this point? We will have to wait and see how trade negotiations unfold as there is certainly a chance Durant and Irving suit up for the Nets in October as they are in no rush to make a trade.