Spurs Veterans Considered Available On NBA Trade Block?

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Coming into the offseason, there were some rumors that the San Antonio Spurs were considering going down the rebuilding route. They have been stuck in the middle the last few seasons since trading Kawhi Leonard, where no team in the NBA wants to be.

The process started ahead of the trade deadline, as San Antonio picked up multiple first-round picks. Stuck in the longest playoff drought in franchise history, it would make sense to embrace a rebuild despite the team playing well enough to qualify for a spot in the NBA Play-In Tournament.

Alas, the rumors of rebuilding were true. The Spurs set their path when they traded All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks for a package that made their intentions clear.

Danilo Gallinari, who was promptly released, three unprotected first-round picks and a pick swap were sent to San Antonio for Murray, who is now embracing a rebuild.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: San Antonio Spurs Could Play Major Role In Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook Trade

However, there is a chance that the Spurs aren’t done making moves. According to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, San Antonio is open to moving some of their remaining veterans such as Doug McDermott, Jakob Poeltl and Josh Richardson.

“Teams consider veterans like Jakob Poeltl, McDermott and Richardson to be available. Westbrook wouldn’t appeal to the Spurs and would presumably take a buyout, presumably for at least the minimum he could get with another franchise (nearly $3 million). With McDermott out and a Westbrook buyout, the Spurs would only add an approximate net of $16.7 million—essentially to buy a future first from the Lakers.”

The Spurs have been mentioned as a third team to help facilitate a deal between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets centered around Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving. They want to be compensated with draft capital if they help facilitate a deal and could probably look to move some of the aforementioned veterans in the deal as well.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMORS: San Antonio Spurs Could Play Major Role In Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook Trade

San Antonio is setting itself up for the future, which makes sense given where they currently are as a franchise. They are likely going to try making a run at Victor Wembanyama in the 2023 NBA Draft seems likely for the Spurs to become their new face of the franchise.