3 Trades For Philadelphia 76ers To Move Matisse Thybulle

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In the modern NBA, three-point reigns supreme. Players who can’t connect from long range can make for difficult propositions.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be accommodated. Elite defenders who don’t space the floor, for example, still have a place in this league.

Sometimes, finding that place can just prove a little difficult.

That’s increasingly looking to be the case with Matisse Thybulle. His three-point accuracy has declined in each of his three NBA seasons. By now, it’s fallen so far that’s a significantly negative trait.

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Still, at 25, it could improve. The 76ers don’t have time to wait. With Joel Embiid and James Harden on this roster, they’re focused on winning an NBA title in 2022-23.

A team with a less immediate focus could still be happy to gamble on a young, elite defensive player. Here are three ideas that find Thybulle a new home.